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Website Development and MLM System Development

We offer Website development and hosting at a very affordable, yet unique and elegant websites using the latest web technologies.

We design and develop website using the latest version of PHP language, Bootstrap Framework, JavaScript, CSS and MySQL for the backend database. For more information on web development and MLM system, please send us email:


Computer Repair
We offer desktop/laptop repair at a very affordable price. Our computer service engineers have been engaged in computer troubleshooting and repair since 2005 (None of our technicians have been fired and have not yet hired new one since that time). They are honest, friendly, and expert (reliable) technicians. We are the first to impose service reporting system (which has been adapted by huge computer repair companies through out the country).

Aim of this SERVICE REPORTING SYSTEM is to safeguard your computer parts and data against what we called UNPROFESSIONAL TECHNICIANS and PROFESSIONAL THEFTNICIANS. For more information about service reporting system, please call +639676578676 or send inquiries through email to the web master

We offer OnSite/Home Service Repair entire Metro Manila. We also do On Site Repair service to nearby Provinces, depending on the quantity of units to be repaired. For availability of repair service to your place, please feel free to contact the WebMaster to the following contact information:



  • Name : Rodrigo P. Lugod Jr.
  • Mobile Phone :
        • (+63)967-657-8676 (Globe)
  • Landline :
  • E-Mail :




Data Recovery
We do two types of Data Recovery. First is the software level which most data recovery companies do - The Software level data recovery.

Harddrive RecoverySoftware level Recovery is done with the use of special software to read data from damaged sectors or from a damaged disk partitions (No Physical damaged has been occurred in the Hard Drive).

Software level recovery only recovers files from a drive than can still be accessed by the BIOS but has its MFT/FAT/or Boot Record damaged. Also, in accidental reformatting and data deletion, as well as data corruption due from virii infection, software level is used to recover such loses. In our software level recovery, recovery rate ranges from 80% 100%.

Hardware level is more complicated, more sensitive and has lower recovery rate than Software level. In a hardware level recovery, first, the circuit board are checked and replaced if necessary. If the circuit board replacement doesn't work, then its the worse scenario. We will pull out your disk platter and transfer it to a disk reader. But first, we will do a data integrity check on the plates. On a hardware level recovery, to recovery rate drops drastically to 30-40%.

Hardware level recovery is far from software level. It is very sensitive, that a single dust particle may lead to a total devastation of your data. Hardware level recovery are performed in our facilities located in northern Luzon (exact location not disclosed for security reason).





This Terms and conditions applies only to Data Recovery Services Both Hardware and Software Level. Please read carefully. You must agree to this terms and conditions for us to recover your data and files from your damaged hard Drive. Without agreeing from any of the articles of this terms and conditions may be a valid ground for us to refuse recovery of files from your damaged Disk Drive.

1. This terms and conditions shall be applied along with any other terms and conditions that may be imposed between us and you (our client).
2. If in any manner, a section in this Terms and Conditions is conflicting with any arrangements/terms imposed between us and you (our client), the arrangement/Conditions between us shall be followed provided however, that it should be imposed in writing.
3. CITADEL COMPUTING SYSTEMS or any of its affiliates, Computer Access Providers Association, Inc. or any of its member shall not be held liable in any loss that may arise as a result of the Data Recovery Process. Considering that your Disk Drive has been damaged, and that Data within it might be 100% Unrecoverable.
4. Unsuccessful recovery shall not in any manner be charged of data recovery charges. Strict NO FIX NO PAY POLICY shall be followed.
5. Recovery process is considered to be UNSUCCESSFUL only if no files has been recovered or the size of recovered files is less than 5% of the total expected files size as declared by the client.
6. If the client declared a total file size amount of more than 200% than the actual amount of data to be recovered, the client is said to be taking advantage of the CONDITION No. 4 and 5. If a client is taking advantage of the articles to cheat any of our Personnel/Representative, CITADEL SYSTEMS reserve the right to refuse in releasing the recovered data and keep it for ransom if the client decided to redeem it.
7. Hardware Level Recovery uses disposable devices that may be a deficit to CITADEL SYSTEMS asset. In this connection, Hardware level recovery charges is much higher in cost, and requires 50% of the total service charge before recovery process will took place.
8. The remaining 50% will be paid by client upon transferring of files from our custody into our clients backup.
9. Whether the recovery process is successful or failed, the 50% down payment will not be refunded to the client considering that such payment was used for the purchase of the materials used for the data recovery.
10. Data recovery took a day or two. Onsite recovery requires some restriction that must be considered by clients:
  • Our personnel and the unit to be recovered must be quarantined. No in-authorized person shall go near our personnel and the unit to be recovered.
  • The recovery area (Workspace) shall be inside a convenient room as preferred by our personnel/s
  • Clients shall provide tools and things our personnel/s shall request/demand prior to recovery





Web Development
We are now offering web development with the most secured scripting language; the ASP. We develop your dynamic web site in a week and promote it to more than 1000 search engines including Jayde, Lycos, Altavista, Google, Yahoo!, Yehey!, and more, which gives your site a guaranteed traffic in the first month (Google however, will take about 40 days before indexing submitted sites).
With a long time research on web promotions conducted by us, we can say we have the right way of promoting web sites.

First, we develop your website, and upload it to your preferred host (or we can pick one for you if you let us do the picking), and promote it until your site get its what we called stable traffic state.
In addition, you can select from our tons of web template design for your own webpages or you can specify what design and how we design your pages.




  • Tons of Web Template to choose
  • Elegant designs
  • Bugs free site
  • Secured database (50% of the security depends on the server)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Guest Book
  • Registration Form
  • Online Shopping (Cart)
  • Online Payment Processor
  • Hit (Visit) Counter
  • Full Visit and Site Statistics View
  • Social Networking Site Linked

If you happen to already have a website and just want us to Promote it, and let us know and we will be glad to do the job.


5 Static and Dynamic Pages



    • Pages
      • Home
      • Products/Services
      • Company Info
      • Gallery
      • Forum/Discussion/Registration
    • Price: PhP5,500.00


5 Static Pages


    • Pages
      • Home
      • Products/Services
      • Company Info
      • Gallery
      • Additional Static Page
    • Price: PhP2,500.00


5 Dynamic Pages


    • Pages
      • Home
      • Products/Services
      • Company Info
      • Gallery
      • Forum/Discussion/Registration
    • Price: PhP7,500.00




Additional dynamic pages (PhP750.00/Page)

Additional static pages(PhP400/Page)



Password Cracking
When you forgot your Windows Password, or your Boot-up/Start-up Password as well as your disk drive password, you may not be able to gain access to your data.

Most of the time, technicians recommends reformatting your entire disk drive, just to remove your forgotten windows password. That's just OK, it will really delete the password including every data saved in it. But how about if your data worth everything?

Well, we never recommend reformatting our client's disk drive if the problem is only the windows password. We simply Hack it, and remove, or change if possible.

We've been cracking on windows password since 2004 and we say, hacking on windows password is just a simple task, with our  proven, powerful scripts included on a bootable media, we cracked Windows XP, NT's, Server 2000, Server 2003, and now, on Windows 7 password successfully.

We also had cracked Several Linux Kernel Password successfully.

We haven't tried our scripts on MacOS yet, but theoretically, it should work just fine.
Haven't tried Bayanihan Linux yet, but apparently, Bayanihan Linux uses RedHat Core, which, we had successfully cracked several times.





Computer Tutorial





Customized Programming