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Main » 2012 » August » 13 » Joomla CMS Training (3 days)
12:34 PM
Joomla CMS Training (3 days)

Learn how to create dynamic website in an hour or two. With Joomla CMS, creating Dynamic Content Website isn't that hard thing to do. We offer 3 days training on Joomla CMS.


Creating websites ain't not the only thing a web master must do. Web masters must optimize their sites on search engines and make it on the top of searches. This is what we will teach you.


Scope of the Seminar:

  • Introduction to Joomla CMS
  • Installation/Configuration of PhP Server
  • Installing Joomla CMS
  • Introduction to SQL Database
  • Creating your First ever Dynamic Content Website
  • Visual Optimization with Templates
  • Function Expansion with Modules and Components
  • Editing/Updating you Website with Joomla CMS Interface
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Submission
  • On-site optimization
  • Search Engine Ranking And Maintenance



  • Software Copies
  • Templates
  • Modules
  • Components


Optional Package (Addition of 3540PhP)

  • free lifetime domain name registration
  • 1000 MB (1 GB) of Disk Space (Hosting for one year)
  • 15000 MB (15 Gb) of Bandwidth (For one year)
  • 10 Free Email Accounts Included





September 3-5 2012

September 6-8, 2012

September 10-12 2012

September 13-15 2012


For more information please contact the Webmaster Rodrigo P. Lugod Jr.

C.P. #: 09066199991


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This Document has been edited by Rodrigo Lugod

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This Document has been edited by Rodrigo Lugod

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